Article: The Instructional Design Maturity Model Approach for Developing Online Courses

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” – Robert C. Gallagher

There have been a lot of changes in the way we learn since the days of Bloom’s Taxonomy authored in the early 1950’s. Many approaches have been founded on his methodology but have adapted over time to ensure the level of learning meets the requirements of time. With today’s advancement of technology and the movement towards online education, the way we construct courses must adapt to these changing needs.

In his latest article, iPal President Brad Loiselle discusses the correlation between the various levels of development of an online course and the steps required within each level to ensure success.

This article introduces the Instructional Design Maturity Model (IDMM) created by iPal to illustrate the connection between the Instructional Design Process, the Instructional Design Systems and the Instructional Design Capabilities. The IDMM defines the connections between these three levels and demonstrates how successful integration of these levels will lead to the creation of successful and rewarding online courses. Ultimately, the better defined the process and deployment of the system components, the greater likelihood that the desired instructional design capabilities will be achieved.

iPal's Instructional Design Maturity Model

iPal's Instructional Design Maturity Model

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