President’s Post – December 2010

Leveraging the Dynamics of Rich Graphic eTraining

Leveraging the Dynamics of Rich Graphic eTraining

Post by: Brad Loiselle

Last month I had the great honor of speaking at the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) Conference and Trade Show in Toronto.  As I prepared for my speech, I must admit I was a little apprehensive. I didn’t know what the reaction of the audience would be.  Here I was, about to spill my opinions and views on the state of the eLearning industry as I see it today and what actions I think people need to take in order to achieve better results and more effective eLearning programs. 

As I walked the audience of approximately 150 people though iPal’s concepts of entertainment, engagement and interactivity in eLearning programs I noticed people were reacting well. The audience seemed entertained and engaged – exactly the reaction I was trying to demonstrate! If people are fully engaged in the information you are delivering they will listen, they will retain the content. If you add entertaining elements and opportunities for interaction, you will realize great results. 

It wasn’t until my speech was over that I fully realized the success of my time at the CSTD Conference and Trade Show.  As I stepped back from the podium I was approached by dozens of attendees. For a brief moment I felt like a rock star, being pushed back by people who wanted to speak with me. Everyone was interested in how iPal can help them achieve great success with their eLearning programs.  People were handing me their business cards and asking for mine at the same time. I was in complete shock. I could never have anticipated such a warm and enthusiastic reaction. 

Walking back to my hotel room I had the opportunity to reflect on my experience. What I came to realize is that virtually everyone I spoke to at the Conference was facing the same problem of poor and ineffective eLearning products. This problem is directly linked to poor and ineffective eLearning methodologies. I want to note that this is not the fault of anyone who was attending the speech, but really with the “industry experts” that are supposed to be guiding us all. I realized that it is up to me and my team at iPal to change the direction of eLearning as we know it today. 

A week after my session, I have had nearly a dozen follow-up meetings, some lasting several hours with many industry leaders and their teams.  People are interested in discussing how we can help them adopt iPal’s industry leading methodology and advance their e-leaning efforts.  My presentation not only demonstrated how to do it, but provided them with inspiration and motivation to achieve great success. I look forward to fulfilling these opportunities in the next few months and fostering great relationships for years to come.  

What started off as a day full of nerves and apprehension turned into a day of great success and opportunities. I want to thank all who attended my speech at the CSTD Conference and Trade Show. If you missed the speech but are interested in viewing it, stay tuned, we will be posting it on our blog shortly.

Happy Holidays – Keep moving forward!

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