Is Your Learning Strategy Keeping Up with the Times?

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Engaging Workplace Learning

A recent post by has inspired me to continue my thoughts on the changing dynamics of workplace training and development. In the last post, I spent some time discussing how the learner is changing as rapidly as technology is and I explored how organizations can step up their game if they want to ensure their workplace learning objectives are met and training dollars are well spent.

In the blog post titled Play and Learn, the author, Ladin Nikravan, dives a little deeper into the evolution of workplace training and argues that it is not just the tools that need to  change; it is the learning strategy that has to change as well. Today’s learners are demanding more technologically advanced and socially integrated learning materials not because they want to be difficult, but because it is what  they are accustomed to. The rising employees of today’s organizations have grown up having technology at their fingertips – they don’t know any other way.

Nikravan states that today’s learners want something “different, engaging and attractive; it has to be cool.” As I sift through daily stories about how the new iPad 2 is going to top its predecessor, how schools are slowly integrating laptops and even iPad’s into their classrooms to keep their students interested, and how gaming may just be the next best way to teach new skills, I think it is safe to say that learning is all about being engaged and entertained – that is how information is best retained. And really, why would you want to go back to sitting in front of an overhead projector or reading through outdated manuals when innovative and exciting methods of learning are emerging and becoming affordable and available to any organization looking to train the next generation?

Organizations have to answer the call and plan to integrate new learning methods, tools, and the latest technologies in order to have a successful learning program. In his final paragraph I think Nikravan put it perfectly “It isn’t about being the cool boss or merely keeping your employees satisfied; it’s about keeping up with the times”.

We want to know:

Does your learning strategy for 2011 include fun and exciting ways to train your employees?  How do you plan on “keeping up with the times”?

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