President’s Post – March 2011

Brad Loiselle - President of iPal

Brad Loiselle - President of iPal

Spring is in the air and recent blog posts have carried a theme of fresh and new ideas, change and evolution on the part of not only the learner but the organization as well. As we wrap up another great month at iPal I am feeling a sense of  rejuvenation, a feeling that there are people out there looking for something fresh, new, and different.

Last month I was presenting to a fairly large group of prospective clients from a large government organization. During this meeting, a senior advisor who specializes in education said mid-presentation, “Brilliant!” This statement caught me off guard, so I stopped my presentation to ask him what he meant by that.  He said that he was unsure, sceptical and had reserved himself to yet another disappointing promise of better eLearning and was pleasantly surprised by iPal’s offerings.

Why was he so impressed? I really did want to know why he felt our product was “brilliant” and what made iPal so different from other eLearning presentations he had seen in the past. I know what makes us stand out from the crowd, but getting feedback from a prospective client is important to me.  We are always looking for ways to improve and make a product that exceeds expectations.  He replied and surprisingly said exactly what our partners from Service Canada College had said – “You have brought together all the elements required to make an effective online course, but made it easily understandable, even though it is obviously much more complicated”.

So why am I telling you this story?  I wanted to share this with you because for most people out there, eLearning is boring and nothing more than a basic page turner. Many eLearning providers are not evolving with technology and the way people are learning these days.  If you are feeling like you are in a rut and can’t connect with efficient, effective and meaningful eLearning, iPal might be the right fit for you!

Times are changing and iPal is leading the way! Please, take a minute and check out iPal’s Instruction Design Maturity Model [VIDEO] and let me know what you think? How can we improve?  I want you to see how we are doing things differently but I am always open to suggestions and new ideas. I invite you to show our innovative approach to your team and your stakeholders so that they too can see what is involved in making a successful eLearning program that suits the needs of both the organization and the learner.

Other news from the past month:

Last month I attended the Human Resource Professional Association (HRPA) Conference and Trade Show in Toronto.  I had the good fortune of meeting many great professionals and potential partners, but what made HRPA even more exciting and valuable was iPal’s involvement in social networking.

I must be honest that I have not personally embraced tweeting much as others, but I did see the value in it at this show. iPal Social Media Specialist, Kate O’Neil, worked with me in chatting up a storm with the HRPA members and Conference attendees.  Every time Kate would send out a tweet about iPal, I found more people visiting our booth. Towards the end of the Conference I actually started to participate a little and began chatting with members who were tweeting about their experiences at the iPal booth. I am slightly embarrassed to say though that I actually had to ask someone at the show to help me download the right software on my Blackberry so that I could participate (thanks Joanna Woo!).  Social Media is new to our organization but has had significant value in how we market ourselves in the business of online development.  Stay tuned for more from our Social Media Department!

And last, but certainly not least, iPal was also fortunate enough to show support and be showcased at the Ottawa Heart Institute’s Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation last month. Over 250 attendees from hospitals across Canada gathered together to learn about the latest in Smoking Cessation Programs and Heart Health.

Going into this event I was unsure about eLearning needs in the Healthcare industry. I had made the assumption that an industry so technologically advanced would also be advanced in how they deliver eLearning training programs and courses. What I discovered was that they too have the same pain points as any other industry out there. They are also struggling to find relevant, efficient and cost effective online training solutions to meet the needs of their organizations and learners.  I was able to connect with some great professionals and show them how iPal is atthe forefront of eLearning. Below is a snapshot of an iPal nurse presenting at the Ottawa Conference.

Ottawa Heart Institute Smoking Cessation Conference
Ottawa Heart Institute Smoking Cessation Conference
So I ask you this. What are you doing to ensure your learning strategy is keeping up with the times? How do you plan on addressing the rapid changes in the way we teach and learn? If you are like many others, bored and unmotivated by the same old eLearning templates and programs, contact us to see what makes iPal different!

Keep moving forward!

About iPal Interactive Learning, A Knightsbridge Company

iPal Interactive Learning was established to provide an enhanced e-learning experience. Using industry leading technologies, processes and talent, iPal has created an interactive development methodology that ensures learner engagement and knowledge retention. iPal is truly passionate about taking e-learning to the next level, helping organizations achieve training and development success. Visit our website at:
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