What if Storyboarding was Interactive?

Interactive Storyboarding - a bright idea!

Interactive Storyboarding - a bright idea!

The storyboard process in eLearning has long been the tried and true way to ensure consistency of content and design. A storyboard is a document created by the eLearning provider and his team that lays out all of the elements to be included in the final eLearning product. Anything from text and graphics, audio and interactions can be included in a storyboard to demonstrate flow and transition of content from one screen to another. A storyboard is a plan that allows clients, Subject Matter Experts (SME), program developers and stakeholders to have their say, provide input, review and approve the eLearning product before it is complete.

There is no secret that by today’s standards, eLearning programs should be engaging and interactive. The necessity of having the learner “present” and involved for the entire course is of the utmost importance as it ensures information retention and course success –  which is the goal of the organization investing in the program.  With that said , do you think the parties investing in the eLearning product should be just as engaged and  involved as they want their learner’s to be?

As an eLearning developer, wouldn’t you want your clients to be “present” and involved in every step of development right up to the release of the end product to ensure they are getting the exact product that they desired?  And if you are looking to purchase eLearning programs, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could communicate with the graphic designer, SME or the voice-over talent at any point in the development process – not just the planning stage?

An interactive storyboarding process would allow all parties involved to communicate content changes, technical issues, possible program enhancements and the like in an easy and seamless manner during any stage of development. Having the lines of  communication open at all times allows for better collaboration, ensures consistency, and most importantly, keeps everyone involved in the entire process so that when the eLearning program is ready to be released, the organization  is satisfied and their learners are guaranteed success.

An interactive storyboard… we may have something here…

Stay tuned for more!

About iPal Interactive Learning, A Knightsbridge Company

iPal Interactive Learning was established to provide an enhanced e-learning experience. Using industry leading technologies, processes and talent, iPal has created an interactive development methodology that ensures learner engagement and knowledge retention. iPal is truly passionate about taking e-learning to the next level, helping organizations achieve training and development success. Visit our website at: http://www.i-pal.ca
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