eLearning News: The Best of the Web – iPal Edition

iPal Weekly!

iPal Weekly!

Here are our favourite stories and blog posts from this past week. Enjoy!



The Manager’s Responsibility in Learning – Chief Learning Officer

Learning is just facts and figures without managerial support. Like a great baseball coach, a supportive manager can ensure learning events produce the equivalent of a home run.

Why Excellent Performance Isn’t Nearly Enough – BNET

Your team is highly competent, producing well and hitting all their milestones. Things are great. Right? Not so fast. According to research, excellent performance is no guarantee you’ll still be around in a year.

Why Google+ could find a home in the workplace – GigaOm

Last week, Google rolled out a beta of its highly-anticipated new social networking platform, Google+. Reaction to the launch so far has been mainly positive, with praise for the app’s design and features. But having played with Google+ over the last few days, I think that it may find a home in a somewhat unexpected market: the workplace.

When the Baby Boomers Meet the Mobile Generation – Direct Administration

Everything was hunky-dory. Baby-boomer-age teachers prepared baby-boomer children to take on baby-boomer- age jobs. But things have changed. In the 1990s, the baby-boomer jobs started drying up, and the baby-boomer kids became the digital generation, playing video games and listening to illicit MP3s. And now?

Make sure employees fit the job – Financial Post

Organizations need to ensure their CEO’s vision of success is communicated to every employee, at every level. It’s essential to assess how each job contributes to the company’s success, and then determine whether the person in the job can deliver. If this isn’t done, then the organization’s performance is limited by the weakest fit in the structure.

Has mobile learning reached a tipping point? – JISC Inform

Although mobile learning has been talked up for nearly a decade now (and JISC has been investigating the potential for mobile technologies in teaching for a number of years),  Karrera argues that, until now, it has been a case of niche growth with scattered disappointments. So what’s changed?


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