eLearning News: Best of the Web – iPal Edition

iPal News

iPal News

Here are our favourite stories and blog posts that have hit our industry lately. Enjoy!

Comic Books Become Learning Delivery Superpower – Chief Learning Officer

If written and presented correctly, comic books can impart business learning in a way that aids absorption and retention of content.

How To Increase Learning Transfer – The eLearning Coach

When you are about to get surgery or your airplane is preparing for take off, don’t you desperately hope the surgeon or pilot had training that transfers to the real world? With that same passion, we should try to ensure the training we design and develop is transferable to the workplace or to authentic life situations.

The Mobile Worker Movement: Infographic – Dell.com

Employees want to use their personal mobile devices in the workplace. And many
potential new hires make this is a condition of employment¹. The good news?
Companies that develop a strategy for supporting consumer smartphones and
tablets stand to gain significant benefits.

Another argument to keep Boomers in the workforce longer – The Financial Post

Since the Great Depression, a commonly held perspective on the good life is that we can all look forward to retiring from the workforce. We would be relaxed and healthier away from the stresses of work. But there are a few flaws in that argument.

The Race for Skilled Workers – The Financial Post

Human resource management in the 21st century presents challenges not addressed by conventional thinking about recruitment, staffing and retention. The days when workers spent 40 or more years with one employer are gone, and employees have more mobility, and access to more information, than ever before, forcing Canadian executives to adapt to meet these challenges.

If you have stories or blog posts you want to share, please do so! Leave the link in our comments section.

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