Brad’s Post – October 2011

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind for iPal. In July, we were successfully acquired by Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions and have been busy integrating our systems, people and processes. The entire Knightsbridge team, from IT, to Management, HR to Real Estate has been such a pleasure to work with. Having never been through an acquisition before, I must say that Knightsbridge is quite impressive and I am glad to be a part of their family. I have now taken on the role of Managing Director at iPal and have become a member of the Knightsbridge Executive Team.

Working with Knightsbridge has afforded me the opportunity to gain more insight into the learning needs and demands from some of their leading customers across the country. It was reassuring to see that their concerns, issues and constraints were consistent with iPal’s existing customers’ challenges.  Transitioning learning initiatives and programs from the classroom to the online environment was proving to be confusing and overwhelming for all types of organizations across the country. Most companies I have encountered consider eLearning to be about moving Power Point presentations through an authoring tool and calling it eLearning. This is far from effective eLearning.

My goal this year is to educate as many people as I can on what is involved in effective eLearning. What technology is required? How does content need to be prepared to be most effective? What development capabilities are required? What are some of the challenges with ever evolving technology? I want to introduce to everyone the Instructional Design Maturity Model (IDMM). Once introduced to iPal’s Methodology our customers decision making process become much clearer.

This summer was full of exciting discoveries and opportunities as we joined the Knightsbridge family. The season rounded out with a companywide conference at Collingwood’s beautiful Blue Mountain Resort. My entire team and I had the pleasure of celebrating Knightsbridge’s 10th Anniversary.  This three day event included many celebrations, networking opportunities, and a chance for iPal to share our exciting world with our new family. It was truly a great event and a wonderful demonstration of how exciting it is to be part of a truly great company.

Brad Presenting at the K10 Conference

Brad Presenting at the K10 Conference

I look forward to what the rest of 2011 has to offer and am committed to working hard to bringing eLearning solutions to life for all organizations across all industries.

Keep moving forward!

About iPal Interactive Learning, A Knightsbridge Company

iPal Interactive Learning was established to provide an enhanced e-learning experience. Using industry leading technologies, processes and talent, iPal has created an interactive development methodology that ensures learner engagement and knowledge retention. iPal is truly passionate about taking e-learning to the next level, helping organizations achieve training and development success. Visit our website at:
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