E-Learning News – Best of the Web – iPal Edition

iPal News

iPal News

Here are some of our favourite news stories and blog posts from around the e-learning industry.


Boosting staff efficiency through e-learning – HR Magazine

“With 78% of organisations now using some form of e-learning, and more than half planning to increase their use in the next 12 months, businesses clearly believe learning technologies will help them respond to changing business conditions. Organisations already making the most of learning technologies report significant benefits from this type of learning, including cost savings, time saving and an increase in the volume of learning delivered.”

Virtual learning used by three-quarters of employers – Personnel Today

“Live online learning technologies – such as virtual meetings and classrooms, and video-conferencing – are becoming increasingly popular, with more than three-quarters of employers using them in 2011.”

Delivering Mobile Training to Employees – Human Resource Executive Online

“Global workforce demographics, advancements in mobile-device accessibility and capabilities, the emergence of effective mobile-learning tools, and best practices from early adopters make this an opportune time for any organization to test mobile learning (mLearning) without assuming too much risk, according to a recent white paper from The McGraw Hill Research Foundation.”

The secret to e-learning – The Guardian

“Online courses are on the rise as firms continue to cut training budgets and the newly redundant update their skill sets”

E-learning industry is “on a roll” in business and education – Virtual College

“Experts claim that e-learning medium is ‘on a roll’ due to the numerous benefits such as speed of delivery, increasing accessibility of learning, generating user specific content, reducing cost of learning and increasing flexibility.”

If you have a favourite e-learning news story or blog post – let us know! Share your links in the comments section.

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