What is the Difference Between E-Learning Software and E-Learning Solutions?

It is no secret that e-learning is quickly becoming the solution many organizations turn to for delivering cost effective and successful training programs. However, many organizations are too quick to invest in impressive looking software such as an authoring tool or a Learning Management System (LMS) because they are convinced that this software is the one-stop solution to developing effective e-learning programs. What organizations don’t understand is that without a clear understanding of how to use these tools or the capability to implement their functionality, their e-learning programs are sure to fail.


What is ‘Software’?

E-learning ‘software’ can include but is not limited to authoring tools, design tools, animation tools, avatar tools, audio tools, a LMS, an editing tool, a rendering tool and so much more. What most e-learning software companies neglect to tell the customer is that the software their organization has invested in is only one piece of the puzzle. Creating an effective e-learning program requires a combination of tools, processes and capabilities that, when brought together, create an effective and successful e-learning program.

What are ‘Solutions’?

An e-learning ‘solution’ is providing customers with an e-learning program that works best for their audience taking  into consideration the learner’s environment, the content and the context all while staying within a desired budget. Bringing together the right processes, technologies and capabilities in order to deliver a superior e-learning product is the key to e-learning success.


At iPal Interactive Learning we understand that software and technology are just part of what goes into developing an effective e-learning solution. Not only do we have access to the best technologies the industry has to offer, we also have the team of in-house experts to put all of the pieces together. iPal employs industry experts in the fields of project management, design, animation, programming, instructional design, professional voice narration, professional writing, avatar development, translation, video editing, broadcasting and much more! At iPal, we are committed to offering the complete e-learning solution, not just the software.

About iPal Interactive Learning, A Knightsbridge Company

iPal Interactive Learning was established to provide an enhanced e-learning experience. Using industry leading technologies, processes and talent, iPal has created an interactive development methodology that ensures learner engagement and knowledge retention. iPal is truly passionate about taking e-learning to the next level, helping organizations achieve training and development success. Visit our website at: http://www.i-pal.ca
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3 Responses to What is the Difference Between E-Learning Software and E-Learning Solutions?

  1. An e-learning software is a generated programs for e-learning, while e-learning solution/s is the one that the software is able to implicate in the process as users or companies make use of it.

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