Brad’s Message – January 2012

iPal's Managing Director Brad Loiselle

iPal's Managing Director Brad Loiselle

There was a lot of buzz about Mobile Learning in 2011, but never had I truly understood the significance of this form of training until my recent trip to India.  This past December, along with two other iPal team members, I had the great fortune of traveling to India as part of Canada’s IT Trade Mission. Once there, we met with several multi-billion dollar companies and had the opportunity to learn about their target markets, growth focus and business plans moving forward. It was during these talks that I came to realize the immense importance mobile technology has in the very near future. Many of these giant companies saw the potential and dare I say necessity for mobile learning as part of an overall learning and development strategy for their organizations. Many were planning on some sort of m-learning program implementation and integration into their business practices in the year to come.

iPal Managing Director Brad Loiselle in New Delhi

iPal Managing Director Brad Loiselle in New Delhi







Further to this realization, the proliferation of mobile devices amongst the general population in India was amazing. The number of mobile users in India is more than twice the size of the entire North American population.  Almost everyone we saw as we traveled through India had some sort of mobile device, young and old, rich and poor. I could see learning opportunities everywhere!

The proliferation of mobile technology in India

The proliferation of mobile technology in India







When bringing mobile learning to an organization, understanding how people receive the data is just as important as the content itself. Spending time trying to understand India’s delivery platforms has opened my eyes to additional global opportunities. Developing and improving mobile learning will become even more important over the next few years and I believe the more companies invest in this learning method for training and development, the more growth they will see to their bottom line.

December was also a great month for recognizing all that the iPal team has accomplished over the past year and in the short period of time we have been in business. iPal was honored by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the Ottawa Business Journal with the Bronze Award for Small Business of the Year for 2011 at the Ottawa Business Achievement Awards. The gala was a great event and truly a great way to cap off a very successful and exciting year for our family.

OBAA Gala Brad Loiselle and Scott Hunter

iPal Wins Bronze at OBAA Gala

We have some great things lined up for 2012, so please stick with us for more from iPal!

Keep moving forward!

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