iPal Wins at the Ottawa Business Achievement Awards

In early November, iPal was both thrilled and honored to have been named as a Finalist for Small Business of the Year by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce  and the Ottawa Business Journal for the 2011 Ottawa Business Achievement Awards.

“Each year, hundreds of companies are nominated for their  contributions to Ottawa’s success.  Companies from  all sectors are honoured.  OBAA winners are linked by their innovation, drive, creativity and their passion for doing business in Ottawa. Over 500 awards have been presented so far, in the proud presence of peers and senior political leaders representing Ottawa.”

On December 1st, 2011 iPal’s Managing Director, Brad Loiselle attended the OBAA Gala at the Ottawa Convention Center and was delighted to walk away with the Bronze Award for Small Business of the Year. What a great honor for iPal and the e-learning industry as a whole. We are very proud of what Brad and the entire iPal team has been able to accomplish in recent years.

We wish to thank the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the Ottawa Business Journal for this exciting honor. We would also like to congratulate all of the other finalists  and winners this year and look forward to the new opportunities this win affords us in the new year.

Stick with us to see what’s next for iPal!

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Brad’s Post – November 2011

Over the last month I have attended several conferences and trade shows, namely DevLearn in Las Vegas and the CSTD Conference and Trade Show in Toronto. While preparing for my trips, I thought to myself that perhaps this year would be different; perhaps this year I would see advancement in e-learning technologies and improvements in methods for delivery.  To my surprise however, the lectures, the vendors and their approaches have not changed or evolved from the year before.  If we are not moving forward, we are standing still. If we are standing still while others are moving forward, we are falling behind.  As I always say – Lets keep moving forward!

This year, I was asked to speak at the CSTD Trade Show for a second year in a row. Looking at the crowd of people who gathered to hear my lecture “E-learning Results Realized”, I was happy to see many of the same people who attended my lecture the year before. When the lecture ended, many people stayed back looking for answers to questions they had about our fragmented and sometimes complicated industry. What technologies are the best to use when developing e-learning? What does it cost to produce an e-course or an entire e-learning solution? How can one person build effective e-learning with limited experience or resources?  These types of questions were asked because while e-learning continues to gain in popularity most organizations still don’t understand the e-learning market.  This is why I speak! Providing people with answers is what the education market is all about.  Sharing knowledge and helping people best utilize the programs and tools they are working with will in turn help others improve as well.  Speaking at conferences, talking to people at our booth and simply networking with others over the course of an event is a great way for me to give back to my community and ensure that e-learning is not only understood, but implemented in such a way that guarantees success for any organization.

2012 is going to be a great year for iPal and iPal’s customers. We are focusing on providing our customers with more value during the development of their e-learning programs through our proprietary storyboard process and the incorporation of mobile learning programs.
Going global is also a focus that iPal is embracing in the New Year. Next month we are headed to India on a Trade Mission with the Canadian government.   The opportunity for growth and the chance to bring our e-learning solutions to a new part of the world is no doubt going to be an incredible experience.

A new year brings exciting change and opportunity for all of us at iPal and we have never been more delighted to see what the future has in store for us.

Stay tuned for more from iPal.

Keep moving forward!

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Job Posting: Web Developer

We are currently looking to fill a position of Part Time Web Developer. Here are the details:


JOB DESCRIPTION: We are looking for someone who can update company website on a part time/contract basis. Applicant will be responsible for updating company website as content becomes available. Strong proficiency in using HTML, CSS, and JQuery/JavaScript is a must.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery/JavaScript


  • Web Development


  • English: Proficient in reading and writing
  • French: Would be beneficial but not required


  • Updating company website on regular basis


  • is able to work quickly and efficiently
  • is able to multi-task
  • is able to meet tight deadlines
  • pays attention to detail and can follow specific instructions
  • strong communication skills
  • is willing to work part time/contract work on a job by job basis


CONTACT: Design Manager – Laura Scoville – laura@i-pal.ca

Please send resume and samples of work/portfolio link

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Is Mobile learning Part of Your Learning Strategy?

The Twitter feed was crazy this week with buzz about Adobe finally adopting HTML5 for mobile. As many e-learning companies continue to explore the exciting and inevitable move to m-learning, this news makes the evolution that much more interesting.

The integration of mobile learning or m-learning for training and development is validated by the many benefits the devices offer to both the organization and the learner. On any given week, publications around the world are exploring the advantages and almost unavoidable adoption of m-learning within the organization.

As the Baby Boomers start to shift towards retirement and a new generation begins to move up the corporate ladder, expectations for training and development also change.  The younger generations of professionals are simply used to having mobile devices
as part of their lifestyle and often prefer to access information via their smart phone or tablet.

The availability and proliferation of devices also makes the move to m-learning a smart choice for organizations because of the cost savings of putting training content on a device the learner is already familiar with and knows how to use. Less time and money is wasted familiarizing the learner with the training tool and the learner is more likely to see value in the training because it is being delivered in a format he enjoys using on a daily basis.

Additionally, being able to access training on the go is also preferred by a more flexible workforce. Self-paced learning can be done anywhere at any time making the training more attractive to the learner who avoids sitting in a dark stuffy conference room for a week or two at a time. The organization also benefits in the amount of money saved on arranging training facilities and course instructors as well as pulling the worker away from his everyday work tasks.

There are many, many more reasons m-learning should be and is being adopted by organizations around the world and the news Adobe dropped this week makes the training method that much more attractive and accessible to corporate training providers, not to mention the number of learners who are sure to benefit from this learning evolution.

We want to know, how will the news from Adobe affect your business? Leave your  comments below and tell us your experiences with m-learning to date or if your organization is looking forward to this new training method.

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eLearning News – Best of the Web – iPal Edition

iPal News

iPal News

Here are our favourite stories and blog posts from around the web.


More organizations are using e-learning, claims study – Virtual College

“In a survey of 600 international organisations involved in the learning and development of its staff, distance courses provided through e-learning accounted for 89 per cent of the top technologies used by companies, according to the 2011 benchmark study by Towards Maturity”.

Create Interactive and Engaging Learning in a MultiGenerational Workforce – Chief Learning Officer

“By recognizing how different generations of workers accept recognition and reward, learning leaders can better implant learning programs that improve success”.

E-learners perform better, study finds – Virtual College

“Students perform better in online courses, a new study has shown.

Despite the constant distractions of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as emails, online news and e-shopping, the online method of learning seems to be something that keeps a student’s attention.

Researchers have found that pupils using e-learning platforms are maintaining their grades or even exceeding their predictions through the flexible, easy access learning”.

Dear Companies, You Should Start Using Mobile Devices as Training Tools For Your Employees – Business Insider

“People are the often referred to as the most valuable asset any company has, but  they also represent one of the greatest costs. Beyond the basic taxes, insurance  subsidies and countless other expenses a company incurs on behalf of its  employees, there’s still the cost of training and equipping that employee”.

Technology, just makes us all busier – the guardian

A fun reflection of how technology has impacted our lives and schedules over time.

If you have a great article or post to share, please let us know!

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Next Stop – 2011 CSTD Conference and Trade Show

We have barely had time to unpack our suitcases as we get ready to head out to another exciting conference and trade show. iPal is thrilled to be attending the 2011 CSTD Conference and Trade Show from November 16th to 18th in Toronto ON.

“The Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) hosts Canada’s only conference and trade show aimed at workplace learning professionals in Canada. With a compelling program offering the best case studies, research, strategies and tools, the CSTD Annual Conference and Trade Show is your one stop to success. Whether you’ve just transitioned into the industry or have been a training and development professional for decades, this is the preparation you need to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

iPal will be on hand, demonstrating how we are changing the way organizations around the world are addressing their learning and development needs in this ever evolving, technologically advanced business world. Please be sure to stop by booth 602 to learn more about iPal’s e-learning solutions.

But we are not stopping there. iPal’s managing director, Brad Loiselle will also be speaking at the CSTD conference this year. Last year, Brad hosted a packed room of learning and development professionals and spoke about ‘Leveraging the Dynamics of Rich Graphic eTraining…Disney Style’. The speech was a great success so Brad is coming back for more!

This year Brad will be speaking about ‘E-Learning Results Realized’ and will be exploring such topics as:

  • Understanding the differences in eLearning methodologies
  • Understanding what technologies can used to be more effective
  • Learning how to create productive eLearning that will create immediate results
  • Knowing where to start and the steps to walk through to ensure consistency during development
  • Understanding how to build eLearning specifically for your needs

If you will be in the Toronto area November 16th-18th for this annual event, be sure to sign up to hear Brad’s speech – you won’t be disappointed.

If you are unable to attend this year’s conference, but want to stay with the action, follow us on Twitter @iPal_ELearning. We will be tweeting from the Conference.

The Annual CSTD Conference and Trade show is an event you do not want to miss. Let us know if you will be at the event – we would love to meet with you.

Hope to see you there!

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It’s Trade Show Time! iPal is Headed to DevLearn Conference and Expo

It’s trade show time and iPal is excited to once again, hit the road and attend some of the best e-learning conferences and trade shows the industry has to offer.

Our first trade show event is DevLearn Conference and Expo 2011 in Las Vegas Nevada. From November 2nd to the 4th professionals from all corners of the e-learning industry will gather together to explore the new and exciting technologies and practices that are emerging in the training and development world today.

“As new technologies continue to emerge, the opportunities — and challenges — to drive organizational knowledge and performance are expanding at an unprecedented rate.

If you want to know what’s coming next in the world of Learning and what the leaders in the field are thinking and doing, then you need to be at DevLearn — where the expanding possibilities for learning are defined. ”

Please visit us at booth 603 to see how iPal is reshaping the e-learning industry and changing how organizations around the world are training and developing their talent.

But that is not it for us at DevLearn 2011. On Thursday November 3rd from 4-7pm iPal will also be presenting our e-learning solutions at the 7th Annual E-Learning DemoFest;

“Every year, dozens of DevLearn participants show off their latest and greatest development efforts at DemoFest, offering fellow attendees the opportunity to see a wide variety of solutions to common eLearning challenges we all face, and sharing information about the tools, technologies, and processes they used to build them.

This year’s 7th Annual eLearning DemoFest promises to be the biggest and best DemoFest yet! DevLearn attendees have submitted some fantastic demos that we know you won’t want to miss. So be sure to stop by DemoFest on Thursday afternoon to see great eLearning in action and vote for your favorite Demo.”

If you are attending DevLearn 2011 and will be attending DemoFest, please ensure you come see us at table 43 – you are sure to be impressed with iPal’s offerings!

If you are going to be at DevLearn, please contact us and let us know where you will be, we would love to talk to you.

We are very excited to be headed to Las Vegas to share the best e-learning solutions our industry has to offer. We look forward to meeting you there.

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CSTD eNewsletter Feature Article – Where We Are Headed with Learning

We are thrilled to share another innovative article by iPal’s Managing Director, Brad Loiselle.

Where We Are Headed with Learning

Where We Are Headed with Learning

‘Where We are Headed with Learning’ is the latest article from Brad that discusses how the inevitable shift in training budgets due to the challenges our economy is facing has created a need for a more cost effective and efficient training solution. Organizations have one of two ways of viewing this certain shift in how they train and develop their talent;

“When training budgets are cut completely, the loss could be measured as an ‘Opportunity Cost’. This is the cost associated to losing an opportunity that you would have otherwise had by taking action with your training knowledge. When you look at the cost of losing an opportunity and weigh it against the benefits that could have been realized, you come up with the `Opportunity Cost`.

There are 2 types of actions an organization can take when looking at whether or not they want to implement a training program:

  1.  They can look at training as a ‘cost’ to the organization and decide to reduce employee and corporate growth opportunities by not allowing them to take courses. By choosing not to allow them to take additional learning, they unknowingly create an `Opportunity Cost` staying the course of lost opportunities.
  2. They can look at training as an ‘opportunity’ to improve internal efficiencies, improve products or service solutions and create a positive `Result` for the organization. “

Read the full article here

Brad is honored to have is article featured in the October 12th edition of the CSTD eNewsletter. You can catch Brad at the 2011 CSTD Conference and Trade Show where he will be presenting his thoughts on “E-learning Results Realized“. You don’t want to miss it.

If you are planning on attending the Conference, let us know, we would love the opportunity to meet with you. Additionally, you can stop by our booth #602 to see how iPal is changing e-learning as we know it.

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eLearning News: The Best of the Web – iPal Edition

iPal News

iPal News

It has been a few weeks since we have posted our favourite news stories. While we have been busy with exciting new opportunities at iPal, the eLearning news keeps reeling.

Here are our favourite eLearning and related news stories and blog posts from recent weeks.


Flashy, but No Flash is a Problem: How Tablets are Affecting eLearning – Human Capital League

Author Kristina Schneider explains her recent trials and tribulations with the Apple iPad and organizations who chose to use the device but are also looking for effective eLearning solutions that are Flash based in design.

How to Prepare for the eLearning Journey – The Guardian

When Barnardo’s was searching for a cost-effective and efficient IT training model more than 10 years ago, the virtual world of the internet and e-learning provided the right solutions. Author Lisa Johnson describes the her tips for successfully adopting eLearning in any organization.

Infographic: Next Steps in Mobile Learning – Mobile Learning Blog

It is no secret that mobile technology and mLearning are making headway in today’s eLearning industry. Here is an Infographic from the Mobile Learning Blog that illustrates where this trend is heading.

eLearning Will Help Reduce Skills Shortage, claims professionals – Virtual College

The skills shortage will be solved through e-learning, a survey of learning and development professionals has indicated. According to the study, which sampled 180 practitioners and their opinions on the future of e-learning, the current primary use of the technology among businesses lies in the accommodation of remote or flexible working.

The Top Ten Lessons Steve Jobs Can Teach Us, If We’ll Listen – Forbes

In a few years from now, your kids and grandkids will ask you what it was like to be alive when Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple (AAPL).  They will say: “Jobs was the best CEO in business.  What was he like? What did you learn from him?”

What will your answer be?

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Brad’s Post – October 2011

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind for iPal. In July, we were successfully acquired by Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions and have been busy integrating our systems, people and processes. The entire Knightsbridge team, from IT, to Management, HR to Real Estate has been such a pleasure to work with. Having never been through an acquisition before, I must say that Knightsbridge is quite impressive and I am glad to be a part of their family. I have now taken on the role of Managing Director at iPal and have become a member of the Knightsbridge Executive Team.

Working with Knightsbridge has afforded me the opportunity to gain more insight into the learning needs and demands from some of their leading customers across the country. It was reassuring to see that their concerns, issues and constraints were consistent with iPal’s existing customers’ challenges.  Transitioning learning initiatives and programs from the classroom to the online environment was proving to be confusing and overwhelming for all types of organizations across the country. Most companies I have encountered consider eLearning to be about moving Power Point presentations through an authoring tool and calling it eLearning. This is far from effective eLearning.

My goal this year is to educate as many people as I can on what is involved in effective eLearning. What technology is required? How does content need to be prepared to be most effective? What development capabilities are required? What are some of the challenges with ever evolving technology? I want to introduce to everyone the Instructional Design Maturity Model (IDMM). Once introduced to iPal’s Methodology our customers decision making process become much clearer.

This summer was full of exciting discoveries and opportunities as we joined the Knightsbridge family. The season rounded out with a companywide conference at Collingwood’s beautiful Blue Mountain Resort. My entire team and I had the pleasure of celebrating Knightsbridge’s 10th Anniversary.  This three day event included many celebrations, networking opportunities, and a chance for iPal to share our exciting world with our new family. It was truly a great event and a wonderful demonstration of how exciting it is to be part of a truly great company.

Brad Presenting at the K10 Conference

Brad Presenting at the K10 Conference

I look forward to what the rest of 2011 has to offer and am committed to working hard to bringing eLearning solutions to life for all organizations across all industries.

Keep moving forward!

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